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It’s official! is Live!

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Ok kids, here it is! My first blog post on the official website of Pin Up Erie! I’m so flipping excited I can’t stand it!

Let’s just put it on the table right now that I am not a great writer and would rather have a camera in my hands. So please excuse the type-o’s and disparity of posts. I do love to share my work though and enjoy feedback and experiences. So let this be a place we all can share and feel free to comment!

Pin Up Erie got its start back in May 2012 and has been building like crazy ever since. I spent the winter months developing the business and working alongside my web/graphic designer Angela Gast to put together an image that I am really proud of. The logo, color sceme, and the whole feel of everything has really come together. If you’ve noticed the logo does not include “Erie” in it because I plan on taking this gig on the road and not narrowing it to just Erie, PA. We LOVE to travel and plans are in the works to visit cities all over the country!

As I’m sitting here I am close to just jumping out of my seat! The next 3 weeks are HUGE for me with some very special events I have been waiting for. On March 1st we will be premiering Pin Up Erie and setting up a booth display at Sammy & Jessica’s Slumber Party at the Avalon Hotel in Erie. I have been putting my heart into the display and it’s going to ROCK! The night includes a vendor show, karaoke, hors d’oeuvres, free drinks, overnight accommodations, a country band, and a male review! It’s your chance to meet me, Jessika (my stylist), and get in on drawings and special discounts! Ladies, you don’t want to miss this!

On March 9th I am flying to Louisville, KY to attend a 2-day, one-on-one professional workshop with award-winning photographer & author Ryan Armbrust!! Ryan is a very well known Boudoir & Pin Up photographer who runs a rockin’ studio and shoots all over the US! His work is amazing, I love his style, and I can not wait to learn everything I can from him!

Stay tuned for a few other events coming up that you might want to check out. In May we will be setting up at a very special event put on by Mound Grove and Head West Outfitters of Erie, PA. We are also pumped for a snazzy Pin Up Costume Contest May 29th at Erie’s Wild Rib Cook Off & Music Festival! I will share details on how to get in on that very soon!

So that’s pretty good for an intro blog, right? Make sure you read the About Penny section and Questions for more information. Email me if you are ready to get in on the action!

Keep Smiling, Penny 🙂