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Pin Up Photographer gets behind camera for a PILLOW FIGHT!

Our First Pillow Fight! Pillow Fight 004 copy

Surprise! It’s ME!…and my really good friend Rachel! Ive been wanting to shoot a pillow fight forever, and was saving some old pillows for the right occasion. Recently I decided I should be in some pictures myself, and when I suggested feathery playdate, she was all in!

Our goal for every photo shoot is to encourage women to be comfortable in their own skin and be confident. Most girls who come in our studio for the first time are nervous and unsure of what to expect and we totally get that. So I thought it would be fun and a good idea for ME to get on the other side of the camera and show you that I can be free and have fun with a photo shoot too! I want you all to see that I am by no means a “skiny girl”! I have curves, stretch marks, a chubby chin, thick arms and thighs, saggy boobs, and wait for it…size 12 shoes! (Yeah, try finding cute heels in that size, ha!) We all have different body shapes, and are beautiful in our own ways. Ladies, if we wait around to finally look the way everyone else thinks we should we will NEVER be happy with ourselves. Love your body, and rock what your mama gave ya!

Pillow Fight 002 copy

What did I learn from this experience?:

  • Being on the other side of the camera made me have to my trust in the one holding it. In this case it was Brian, my husband and second shooter (for Weddings & such, not Boudoir!), so it was fairly easy to be comfortable. But it made me more aware that my clients have faith in me to make them feel at ease, and make them look amazing. I need to be in-tune with what she may be thinking in the moment, and how I can encourage her to have a wonderful time.
  • I definitely want to have more pictures of myself taken now!  This happens to all of my clients, and I get why they want to come back for more. I love it! I understand now that it really is all about the EXPERIENCE. The hair & makeup, getting dressed up, being the center of attention, feeling & looking sexy,…all of it! It’s fun, empowering, healing, and HOT!
  • Doing a shoot with a friend is a blast! Being able to dress up and play like kids with a good friend was just plain good fun! We both took turns having our own pictures taken seperately, and now we both have a couple images to enjoy.
  • Lastly, We now have more experience with pillow fights! We bought and mixed in pretty white feathers, but the REAL down feather pillows were a BAD idea! When Rach and I smacked each other with those pillows they pretty much made a feather wall of fuzz! They were EVERYWHERE!… in our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Ewe! It took forever to clean up, and we are still finding them a couple weeks later!

Pillow Fight 001 copy

Pillow Fight 003 copy

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Pillow Fight 005-2 copy


“Our pillow fight was A BLAST!!! Penny has a real talent for artistic vision (this playful shoot was her great idea), and she knows how to make a lady feel comfortable and beautiful. I can’t wait to spend more time in front of her camera!” -Rachel ♥

Pillow Fight 006 copy


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