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WHY is this the best thing you could do for yourself?

The fine and fun art of Pin Up and Boudoir photography is about making every girl feel fabulous! These type of pictures are the perfect gift for Weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, celebrating a Milestone, or some book just for themselves! We say it all of the time, this is a gift for YOU! It just a lucky bonus for the special person in your life to get the pictures. It’s a huge confidence booster and tons of fun!

Do you have a studio? Where are you located?

Yes! Our New Boutique Photo Studio is located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, just a few miles down 6N off of 79!

Regular studio hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm, but flexible appointments are available for a small add on. If you are coming from out of town (over 75 miles away) we will be doing your Viewing session the same day you get your pictures taken! Please plan to set aside roughly 5-6 hours to complete an out of town session from “Makeup” to “Oh My Gosh! I LOVE that picture!” <3

We also LOVE to do on-location photo shoots in nostalgic spots like diners, drive-ins, hot rod garages, vintage buildings, theaters, etc. Have a location in mind? Let’s hear it! We are open for just about anything! Keep in mind, on-location sessions usually require the Foxy Lady or above. We can discuss everything during your consultation.

Pin Up Erie serves the Northwestern Pennsylvania tri-state area. We’re not too far away from Meadville & Crawford County,  Warren, Pittsburgh, PA Northeastern Ohio & Ashtabula County, Cleveland, Southwestern NY, Buffalo and BEYOND!!

What should I wear?

First and foremost bring outfits you feel sexy in! Pack a small variety of lingerie, cute bras and panties etc., and of course cute shoes! High-Heels extend the legs and make the booty look great! Brides, nothing is sexier than a white negligee or panties and your wedding veil as an accesory. Other fun ideas include your man’s favorite sports jersey, military uniform (think dog tags, cute undies, unbuttoned uniform shirt, and hat!), Hunters bring your favorite camo panties and a gun (unloaded please), police badge and handcuffs, I’ve even photographed a firefighter’s wife in his fire gear and helmet! When you arrive we will go through your outfits and help you make choices for what works best for your session. Once everyone is ready, we start shooting!

What else should I bring?

Bring whatever makes you feel comfortable. Feel free to bring a lively and encouraging friend along for the fun! Check out the “Twice as Nice” package for 2 sessions and discounts for you both! You may also want to bring your ipod/mp3 player so we have music YOU will like, and an ‘Adult Beverage’ if that helps calm the nerves.


Do you provide hair and makeup?

Of course! What girl doesn’t love dressing up and getting their hair & makeup done?! My Stylist will work her magic to provide that sultry or sassy look you desire.

The Enticer Package and up include our resident hair and makeup artist Jessie Jane. It just gives you an extra boost for the day knowing you don’t have to worry about it! She has the skills and experience to make you look your best for the lighting and what looks good in front of the camera. Check out her story here!

How do I prep for a full photo shoot?

The best hair to work with is day old hair. Try not to wash it the day of the shoot as this strips all of the natural oils that provide texture for styles to grab on to. Come fresh faced, no makeup, and remember to moisturize! Other than that treat it as though you are prepping for a hot date! Treat yourself to a pedicure or manicure or both the week of! Go pick up a mud mask and treat your skin two days before. If it is in the budget then treat yourself, if not no worries just bring your smile! Just enjoy being girly, and take some time to do things that make you feel good.

How long is a shoot?

On the day of the shoot be prepared to relax and have fun! Hair & Makeup usually takes about 1.5 hours, so it’s important to eat a little something before you arrive. After hair and makeup are completed, you will change your first outfit and the actual 1.5-2 hr photo shoot will begin!  I always capture a variety of images including full body shots & close-ups, and will help pose you through the entire photo shoot to help ensure the most flattering looks. Plan 3-4 hours for the whole Experience, and you will leave looking fabulous. This is a great time to plan a Girl’s Night Out or some other way to enjoy leaving looking fabulous! **If you need to discretely take it off and go home to your special someone and keep it a secret, we’ll give you help on how to do that too!**

I’m nervous; I don’t have a perfect body and I’m a little shy. What should I do?

Today’s culture has really warped the female image and made the “ideal” body something that is completely unrealistic. Boudoir and pin-up photography is about making you feel beautiful in the body that you were born with! It’s about making the most of what God and your mama gave you, showing off your beauty in a way that you feel comfortable! If you’ve always wanted some really gorgeous photographs of yourself but were too shy to ask, or didn’t think you had the right look, fear not because it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are! It’s time we celebrated our bodies and curves ladies!

Do you retouch pictures?

All images are creatively edited for the best color and tones. Where needed, images are courteously and gently edited to hide blemishes or to smooth bumps and marks. I keep everything natural and do not reshape bodies. Instead, I focus on utilizing positions and lighting that are flattering for each client. If there are areas that need retouching, we always take care of those.

Will my pictures be used on your facebook page, blog or website?

That is up to you! We love, LOVE to share our work and the amazing people work with! Also, many women find it super thrilling to see their rockin images on social media and all of the confidence boosting comments from their friends! However, we will not post any images from your photo shoot that you would rather keep hidden. We respect your privacy and use discretion when sharing pictures. Permission is always requested before posting of any images.

How “Steamy” does it get?

You don’t have to get fully nude or parade around in your knickers for all to see…you may wear a robe, and we’ll do it in a very sweet and alluring way to ensure you are comfortable! Ladies, while posing you may show as much or as little of the body as you are comfortable with. For “Steamy Couples” Shoots I just ask that the gentlemen keep their britches on to keep us all comfortable.

How long does it take to get my photos? And, How do I receive them?

At the end of your session, we will schedule a time for your in-person viewing and ordering session. We will go through your image gallery and choose your favorites that will be final retouched. For out of towners it takes 2-3 weeks to receive your proofs through personal, password protected online gallery. Once orders are placed, final products arrive to the studio within 1-3 weeks, depending on production times.

Do you have Payment Plans?

Yes, we do have payment plans available. We can discuss all of your options during your consultation.

What is your availability?

After being in Business for over 10 years, 5 in the Boudoir and Pin Up World I have decided it is time to take some time for my Family and myself. Very Limited weekend or evening availability. I will also be trying to keep my communications between 10:00am and 4:00pm, T-F.

EVENINGS/WEEKENDS (Limited availability)-Add $75 to any package

One Ordering Session:

There is only one viewing and ordering session. Please make sure all decision makers are with you, as this will be your only time to choose and order products. Viewing and Ordering sessions for Boudoir and Pin Up usually last between 30 mins and a 1 hour, when scheduling keep this in mind so we are not crunched for time picking your beautiful images.

We love what we do, and that’s making our clients beautiful, sexy and confident! This is a wonderful experience that we believe every woman should enjoy at least once…. or twice in her life!

Contact us today to book your Pin Up or Boudoir experience!